RXcompared is a 100% Free Ordering System

Order Management Made Easy

See your items ordered in real-time and track your product every step of the way right to your door. If you’re a wholesaler, make sure your product is secure and headed to the right destination.

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How It Works

With our easy and user friendly order and tracking management system you can quickly view tracking info on your orders and sales with the utmost transparency and communication. With RxCompared, ordering and restocking your inventory has never been easier.

View Tracking Info

See estimated date of arrival, most recent package check-ins, and check when your item is out for delivery.

Re-Order Items from Suppliers

Easily re-order previously purchased medications using the same supplier via name and NDC number.

Place Returns

If you're unhappy with your product or mistakenly ordered the wrong type of medication, easily place hassle free returns.

Direct Messaging for Pharmacies and Suppliers

Have questions or concerns about a certain product? Feel free to chat directly with a supplier or put your clientele’s mind at ease.

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