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Secure, Trusted, and Verified

RxCompared is a guaranteed secure channel for making your medical purchases and sales. Through State, DEA, and VAWD compliance we strive to offer the most transparent and trusted platform possible.

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Streamlined Processing

All users are required to submit relevant industry documentation such as DEA documentation, state documentation, and VAWD documentation. We offer the most trusted and secure portal for verifying your delicate information.

DEA Documentation

Significant guidance documents and relevant DEA approval documentation can be submitted through our easily online application.

State Documentation

Pharmacies and suppliers can submit their State documentation and permits using our web portal.

VAWD Documentation

All facilities must submit VAWD accreditation through the same avenues.

See what our customers have to say.

“After joining RxCompared my pharmacy started seeing instant savings and we were able to grow quickly all while making connections with new distributors. During instances where we did need customer service, RxCompared has been responsive, transparent, and quick to provide solutions.”

— Kim Hyunh

“As a distributor, RxCompared has been an excellent way of absorbing loss on surplus product and medication close to the date of expiry. We’ve been able to reach new clientele and expand our business in a smart and sustainable manner.”

— Mark Silverstein

“Verification through RxCompared was fast and easy, and customer service was able to help us fill any gaps in documentation. Since switching to RxCompared our operational costs have been greatly reduced and serving our community has never been easier.”

— Rebecca Lancaster

“Joining RxCompared was the best decision I’ve made as a business owner. Since we’ve transitioned to an e-commerce model we’ve seen enormous growth and wider distribution channels that have opened up a world of possibilities.”

— Gordon Hale

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